Shore excursions are a great way to experience the sights and sounds of a new place. But when it comes time to book them, should you go directly through the cruise line or opt for an independent company? This post will discuss the pros of buying cruise excursions from a separate company and why this may be the best choice for your next trip. 

Skagway Shore Excursions

More Variety and Flexibility with Excursions 

One of the best things about booking cruise excursions through an independent company is that you can choose a lot more different activities. Instead of being limited to whatever pre-packaged tours the cruise line offers, you can choose from dozens (or even hundreds) of different experiences tailored to your interests. You also have far more flexibility when it comes to scheduling—you don’t have to rush around trying to make sure all members of your party can make it on time for a particular tour. 

Competitive Prices | Quality Service 

Independent companies often offer competitive prices on shore excursions because they don’t have to pay as many overhead costs as more extensive cruise lines do. This means you can get a better deal on excursion packages than booking directly with the cruise line. Additionally, many independent companies pride themselves on offering exceptional customer service—so if there’s ever a problem before or during your trip, you know someone will be able to help you quickly and efficiently. 

Alaska Interior Excursions

Opportunities for Customization 

When you book Alaska shore excursions through an independent company, you often have more options to make the trip your own than you would with a traditional cruise line. For example, if you’re looking for something unique and off-the-beaten-path, many independent companies can create custom itineraries just for you. This allows you to tailor your experiences to perfectly match your type of traveler and ensure that no two trips are ever alike!  


Whether you are planning a short or a long-distance trip that could be dangerous, it is essential that your tour operator follows safety rules and has been thoroughly checked out. To ensure peace of mind when taking off on a plane, boat, parasail, or helicopter journey in Alaska, for example – please take time to look into reputable reviews from previous customers; this will indicate whether they have met expectations during their adventures.

Adventure Tours

When you plan an adventure tour, safety should be your top priority. Make sure to seek out reputable and licensed operators for any excursions involving planes, helicopters, boats, or parasailing; this way, if something were to go wrong during the journey, it won’t leave you stranded in a remote location with no help. Look at reviews of satisfied customers when booking shorter trips like helicopter rides in Alaska – only then will you have peace of mind that high standards of quality and customer satisfaction hold up your provider.

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Instead of going directly through the cruise line to book your next excursion, like an Alaska interior excursion, you should go through an independent company. With more variety in terms of experiences, competitive prices, quality service, and more opportunities for customization—it’s easy to see why this may be the best option for customers looking for something special on their next vacation!

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