Are you looking for an amazing Alaska shore excursion that will leave you with unforgettable memories? Look no further than the Close Encounters with Whales from Shore Excursions! This incredible experience takes place in the beautiful waters near Icy Strait, Alaska. You’ll have the chance to observe these majestic creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat.

Alaska Whale Watching Excursions


On this tour, you can expect to see whales breaching out of the water and slapping their tails on its surface – a sight not easily forgotten! You may even get lucky enough to witness them bubble net feeding together or spy-hopping at close range. With knowledgeable guides who are passionate about whale watching leading your trip, it’s sure to be an educational experience as well as one filled with awe-inspiring moments.

Unique Adventure

Not only is this excursion great for nature lovers wanting a unique adventure but also for families looking for something special during their vacation in Alaska. Kids will love seeing whales swimming alongside them while they learn all about these intelligent animals from experienced guides who specialize in marine life education programs tailored specifically towards children’s interests and needs – making it fun AND educational!

Awesome Opportunity

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; book your spot now before spots fill up quickly! Join them onboard our boat where they guarantee that you won’t just observe humpback whales but also make lasting memories like never before when embarking upon Close Encounters with Humpback Whales from Shore


Q1: Where does the Whales excursion take place?
A1: The whales excursion takes place near Icy Strait.

Q2: What kind of activities can I expect to see whales engaging in during the tour?
A2: During the tour, you can expect to see whales breaching, slapping their tails on the water’s surface, feeding, and spy-hopping at close range.

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Q3: Are the tour guides knowledgeable and experienced in whale watching?
A3: Yes, the tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate about whale watching, providing an educational and awe-inspiring experience for all participants.

Q4: Is this excursion suitable for families with children?
A4: Absolutely, this excursion is suitable for families, as it offers marine life education programs tailored specifically towards children’s interests and needs, making it both fun and educational.

Q5: How can I book a spot on whale watching excursions?
A5: To book your spot, visit and secure your reservation for the Close Encounters with Whales excursion because spots fill up quickly.

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