I Visited the Mendenhall Glacier


This writer just returned from a fabulous Alaska cruise. One of the highlights is the magnificent Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.

(Movie) Hiking Near Mendenhall Glacier

The fragility of Mother Nature and the delicate balance of ecosystems that comprise life in Alaska is on full display. Climate change is also very evident when seeing how this imposing glacier has shrunk over a short period of time.

Immerse Yourself in Alaska

Immerse yourself in the raw, captivating beauty of Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier, a natural gem nestled near the picturesque city of Juneau. This stunning spectacle of ice, spanning an awe-inspiring thirteen miles, captures the spirit of Alaska’s wild, untamed landscape.

The Mendenhall Glacier has been artfully sculpted by Mother Nature, showcasing her undeniable power and artistic flair. Draped across the rugged terrain, it stands as a living testament to the Ice Age. Thousands of years in the making, the icy behemoth paints a vibrant picture of Earth’s geological past, sparking intrigue and a sense of profound awe among those fortunate to witness its grandeur.

Now, with the help of Shore Excursions, you can experience the Glacier’s surreal blue ice up close, its hues so vivid they almost defy reality. This ethereal phenomenon is caused by the dense ice’s absorption of all colors of the sunlight spectrum, except the mesmerizing blue. Couple this with the mesmerizing backdrop of ice caves, waterfalls, and a serene lake, and you have an unparalleled, photogenic wonderland.

Mendenhall Glacier

A Dynamic Ecosystem

Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier is not just an icy spectacle, but also a dynamic ecosystem. In the summer, the landscape transforms into a wildflower-laden meadow buzzing with life. Spot beavers building their homes, or eagles soaring high above. This truly is a sanctuary where nature and wildlife thrive in harmony.

A boat tour offers the opportunity to marvel at the Glacier from the tranquil Mendenhall Lake, while those seeking adventure can take a helicopter tour for a breathtaking bird’s eye view. Or, if you’re inclined towards a more immersive experience, don your hiking boots and navigate the trails for an up-close encounter.

However you choose to explore, Mendenhall Glacier promises an unforgettable experience, an intimate interaction with nature that resonates deeply within.

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