Icy Strait, Alaska

Icy Strait Point – Hoonah, Alaska  

Icy Strait Point is a private cruise ship destination that is located in Alaska’s largest Native Tlingit village of Hoonah on Chichagof Island.  Icy Strait Point offers unmatched availability to wilderness, wildlife, adventure, Tlingit culture, art, and hospitality. Here you will find yourself surrounded by a towering rainforest and the waters of Port Frederick and Icy Strait, which teem with abundant wildlife.  

For thrill seekers, Icy Strait Point features the world’s largest ZipRider.  Six 5,330’ ziplines let you soar 300 feet above the breathtaking rainforest below. After launching, you will quickly accelerate to speeds exceeding 60 mph.  

ShoreExcursions.com offers a variety of land tours and sea tours.  On land tours, be sure to watch for bald eagles, Sitka black-tailed deer and the Alaska coastal brown bears that could be anywhere along the road and in the forest. Humpback whales abound and are seen regularly from the shore. Icy Strait Point allows you ample opportunities for photography as you explore this pristine wilderness.


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