Juneau, Alaska

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Juneau, the second-largest city in terms of area in the United States and one of Alaska’s more well-known Inside Passage ports, is a place brimming with adventure. With a wide range of tours and excursions, ShoreExcursions.com takes great joy in introducing you to the history and culture of the entire city. Any visitor can find the ideal balance of thrilling and soothing activities in Juneau. Take a helicopter tour, go glacier trekking, dog sledding, kayaking, ATVing, zip lining, or anything similar to get your heart racing, or go sightseeing to take in the breathtaking scenery. Learn about Juneau’s rich history by going gold panning or by trying the local cuisine. We encourage you to reserve your Juneau cruise adventure with us right away because Juneau could never let a guest down.

Wilderness in Juneau, Alaska for Adventure

Stunning, calm, and beautiful. These are only a few adjectives to define Juneau, the state capital of Alaska. Juneau, which is sandwiched between the Gulf of Alaska and British Columbia, has a long history steeped in Native American heritage. It also boasts one of the most enormous and breathtaking natural settings in the entire nation. Juneau, which cannot be reached by any man-made roads, is a true wildlife paradise. The city is without a doubt the apex of America’s natural wonders, with 280 distinct bird species, 5 varieties of salmon, black and brown bears, and majestic humpback and orca whales all calling it home. Through our tours and excursions, you can discover the pure allure of Juneau’s untamed origins, see blue icebergs floating in the sea while reflecting Southeast Alaska’s pristine Coastal Mountains, or zip line, kayak, and trek your way through a range of breathtaking panoramas. Discover how Juneau stands out as a city beyond your wildest fantasies yet within your reach right now by perusing our fascinating collection of shore excursions!

Are you unsure of where to begin? The Juneau Glaciers, Juneau City and Downtown Juneau, Mount Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier, our Juneau Whale Watching Tour, and Taku Glacier are just a few of our favorites among the countless activities to do in Juneau, Alaska. Every expedition is a distinct and individual experience ready for you to set out on it.



Mendenhall Glacier Nugget Falls

Whale watching Salmon day fishing

Canoeing Tracy Arm Fjord

Salmon bake Glacier trek

Gold mining/panning Zip-line

Kayak Dog sledding

Helicopter tours ATVing

Juneau glaciers Taku Glacier



Juneau has some of the most breathtaking wildlife viewing in the world. Prepare to get up close to whales, bears, seals, and eagles on a variety of local wildlife tours and excursions from ShoreExcursion.com. 

Juneau boasts more than 250 miles of hiking trails so there are plenty of opportunities for visitors of all skill levels to explore the area’s mountains, forests, meadows, and even mining ruins. 

ShoreExcursions.com offers multiple and varied tours to Juneau’s most popular attraction (and the most easily accessible Alaska glacier), the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier.  Surprisingly, it is located just 13 miles from downtown Juneau.  We promise. You will make memories to last a lifetime!  The glacier constantly moves and changes so you will never see the same view twice.  You can take in the magnificent view from the visitor’s pavilion or enjoy beautiful hiking trails that bring you close to the glacier and the surrounding wilderness. We promise…you will make memories to last a lifetime!  The most rewarding hike is to Nugget Falls. Imagine a very large, beautiful waterfall cascading directly into an iceberg-filled lake with a glacier in the background.  Now stop imagining it….come experience it! 

Whale watching is a must-have (do?) experience in Alaska.  ShoreExcursions.com has many options available for whale watching tours, from large catamarans to medium sized jet boats to smaller six-passenger vessels. Most operators guarantee whale sightings, and tours generally last 3-4 hours and include transportation.

For the Urban explorer, be sure to visit Juneau’s historic sites and museums.  You can explore the downtown historic district, visit the remains of three different mining complexes, and discover the art, artifacts, books, and film in some of Alaska’s top museums.  


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