Basseterre, St. Kitts

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Basseterre is the capital of Saint Kitts on the southwestern coast of Saint Kitts Island.  It is part of the West Indies chain of small Caribbean islands that form the Leeward Islands.

Basseterre can be found in a small protected harbor and is one of the Eastern Caribbean’s oldest towns. The city lies within the large Basseterre Valley and is almost completely surrounded by lush rainforests, hills, and mountains.  There is a dormant volcano in the center of Saint Kitts Island.

Cruise ships dock at Port Zante located within walking distance to the Historical Old Town of Basseterre.  Due to centuries of French and British colonial rule, the city is now an appealing blend of European influence and relaxed island charm.

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You can visit spectacular beaches, like Cockleshell Bay Beach or South Friars Bay for sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking, or other water sports.  Swim with the dolphins in the waters off St. Kitts.  We offer catamaran, speedboat, and jet ski tours for the water lovers.  There are many walking and food tours that explore the city’s history and cuisine, as well as a scenic train ride that travels 30 miles around the island.  If you enjoy sightseeing, go on an island tour to visit cultural and historical points of interest like Brimstone Hill Fortress, Romney Manor, and the National Museum.  You can trek through a tropical rainforest to reach the peak of Mount Liamuiga Volcano.  


The island of St. Kitts, which is in the Eastern Caribbean Sea close to the Atlantic Ocean, has grown into a fantastic vacation spot and is renowned for its world-class snorkeling, white sand beaches, water sports, and safari options. The largest island in St. Kitts and Nevis is St. Kitts, often called Saint Christopher Island. St. Kitts provides a unique island holiday with a blend of Caribbean charm and European influence because to its rich past formed by the French, Spanish, and British.

The island’s gorgeous beaches and rich history may be reached from Basseterre, the capital city. History aficionados will love visiting the nearby Romney Manor, Fairview Great House and Botanical Gardens, and the Wingfield Estate sugar cane farm, while Frigate Bay has a ton of possibilities for dining, drinking, and water sports. Basseterre’s port of call is Port Zante, which is a popular site to board a catamaran island tour.

The numerous national parks on St. Kitts, including Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, are great for nature lovers. The pristine sand beaches of Cockleshell Bay and the amazing volcanic Mount Liamuiga are not to be missed. Visit the southeast peninsula of Saint Kitts, where South Friars Bay and the breathtaking Timothy Hill Overlook are located, for a memorable half-day excursion.


The best shore excursions in St. Kitts

We provide a range of tropical activities and historical cruise excursion experiences on our St. Kitts excursions & tours. Choose between taking to the trails through St. Kitts’ varied forests or hitting the beaches in Nevis, a nearby tropical paradise that is home to the posh Pinney’s Beach. Discover St. Kitts on foot and learn about its history, which is heavily influenced by French and British culture, by visiting the Brimstone Hill Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visits to Caribelle Batik and the storied Romney Manor are both highly recommended. Consider going to historical sites and landmarks including the Berkeley Memorial, the Wingfield Estate, Independence Square, Bloody Point, the Black Rocks, and sugar plantations, which belonged to Thomas Jefferson’s great-great-great-grandfather.

St. Kitts is a stunning island nation that is lush, opulent, and ideal for a variety of trips. Everyone can find something to do in St. Kitts, from family vacations to romantic getaways. This Caribbean island satisfies the needs of all kinds of visitors, both young and elderly, and is surrounded by vibrant wildlife and unspoiled ocean views. Join one of our walking trips to discover the great natural beauties of the island by climbing stunning mountains, zipping through the Caribbean rainforest, and snorkeling in uninhabited coves and diving areas with enormous coral beds and fish of every color! In order to give you unique, life-changing experiences on the island of a thousand jewels, Shore Excursions Group has created a comprehensive list of the top St. Kitts cruise excursions and tours that can be taken directly from the cruise ship. With our first-rate St. Kitts tours & excursions, choose St. Kitts as your upcoming vacation spot and get ready to feel the Caribbean vibe!


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