Belize City, Belize

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Tours & Shore Excursions in Belize

The nation of Belize is situated on the northeastern coast of Central America. Belize has grown to be a very diversified nation with a wide range of languages spoken and cultural influences; this location is just waiting to be discovered and explored by the intrepid visitor on our Belize tours and excursions.


Belize Vacation Ideas

Know the weather and money utilized in Belize before organizing a day trip there. Be mindful of your various needs as they relate to your tour package. For water-based tours, you might require a swimsuit. Or if you want to spend the majority of your journey on foot, a nice pair of walking shoes.

Climate Since Belize has a warm climate with average daily highs of 80 degrees, use plenty of sunscreen while you’re there. If you fail to bring a bottle, you can usually find one in a store or gift shop.

The dry season, which lasts roughly from late November to mid-April, is when it rains the least and when tourists are most active. But in Belize, there’s never a bad moment to take a tour or go on an excursion! Check out the several holidays that Belize celebrates while making travel plans because this nation enjoys parties.



Although US dollars are virtually universally accepted, the Belize dollar is the official currency. Ask explicit inquiries regarding money to your tour leader.



Belize has some of the most thrilling, stunning, and historic locations you’ve ever seen, and we provide the greatest day excursions to show you everything this nation has to offer up up and personal. With our Altun-Ha and Belize City Overview cruise tour, you can go back in time as you see a Mayan ruin that dates to about 200 B.C.

For some adrenaline-pumping action, book thrilling Belize cruise activities like our Cave Tubing day trip. Take a special adventure tour and tube through Belize’s network of underground caves.

Enjoy a day of relaxation on Belize’s white sand beaches while taking part in some of the most incredible underwater sports the country has to offer. To discover the Caribbean marine life, book our Goff Caye Beach Break with a snorkeling shore excursion.

In order to meet your preferences and requirements for adventure, offers a wide range of vacation packages and private tours. You won’t forget this stunning location and everything it has to offer, whether you’re touring the Maya Ruins at Lamanai and Altun-Ha or the Belize jungle.


Belize City is located on the northeastern coast of Central America.  It is divided into north and south sides by Haulover Creek, which opens into the Caribbean Sea.  Cruise ships are unable to dock so they drop anchor in the water outside of the port and passengers are transported by tender.  

Belize City has something to offer every traveler and is your one-stop destination to find the perfect tour for you!  

You can explore ancient Mayan temples and ruins deep in the rainforest.  You can choose to kayak or float on a tube through ancient cave systems.  Animal lovers can visit the Belize Zoo and well-known wildlife sanctuaries or spot wildlife on a scenic river cruise.  You can go snorkeling among the vibrant coral gardens of the world’s second largest barrier reef and then swim with nurse sharks and stingrays. We offer food tasting city tours to satisfy your interest in history and your tastebuds.  Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to have an unforgettable day in Belize City!